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kristen gee

i'm kristen. i design tombstones and work in a cemetery in a small town in texas. life is rad.

Our grounds keeper was cleaning up this back corner of the cemetery today and he found someone’s tombstone. I couldn’t find an interment record for the guy and there were no folders on him as someone who owned a plot there. After a little more research, I discovered that the tombstone actually belongs to this guy who is buried down the street in town. I have no idea how or why his tombstone is in our cemetery.

In my downtime at work (which is not much), I want to start drawing little comics about stuff that happens at the cemetery. Not weird or sad things, but stuff like yesterday, our grounds keeper accidentally set a head stone facing the wrong way. We realized and fixed the mistake, like, immediately; but it was like a cemetery blooper.

I should make a comic called “Cemetery Bloopers”, but when I think about it, a tombstone being set the wrong way for, like, 10 minutes is one of the least catastrophic “cemetery bloopers” that can happen.